Mathews Manor

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Where every celebration is unique

When you begin to plan the day you have dreamed about you will be captured by all the extravagant decorations, alluring gowns, and beautiful pictures.  You will ask yourself:  Where am I having my wedding and reception? What kind of cake do I want? What colors do I want to use? What kinds of flowers am I going to have?  In the midst of all the questions, it is easy to get swept away with someone else’s vision.  The truth is: Your wedding is not about the latest styles. It is about you and your groom  - two unique people coming together to build a life as one.  The celebration you put together should echo your personality. It should reveal the things that you love and should ultimately be a reflection of who you are.   Incorporating a couple’s history and lifestyle is what distinguishes one wedding from another.  Our heart at Mathews Manor is to go the extra mile to help bring your dreams to fruition.  We want to achieve the look that you desire and the one that reflects your UNIQUENESS! 

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